Villas & Co offers a full range of services addressed to owners of primary and secondary residences in Hossegor, France,  and its surroundings.

In your absence, a single contact manages for you the constraints linked to your property, your everyday tasks and your rentals, leaving you the best: your pleasure.

Our services and packages are tailor-made. Trust, convenience, privacy, are the values ​​of our flagshipquality charter.

Protect your home equity, get a return on investment from your second home, find your villa clean and tidy, without effort, and take advantage of every single of your stay in France.

Villas & Co is now extending its services to professionals, in partnership with Odysseom, specialist in assisting you in your professional mobility in the South west of France. Give serenity to your employees. Check out our range of services.

Villas & Co makes your life easier.


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